All-Women Coworking Space The Wing Will Open in DC

The all-women New York social club The Wing announced Wednesday that they will open a location in Washington.

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Courtesy of The Wing
Co-founder Audrey Gelman said some of the spirit of the Women's March on Washington will go into the Washington location. She and a busload of "Wing women" trucked down from New York for the demonstration, held a day after President Donald Trump took office.

n"There's a real need for women to link arms and demand that our voices be heard, and take up space, and that's part of what the mission of The Wing is," she said.
Courtesy of The Wing
The club in D.C. -- the company's first outside New York -- will be 10,000 square feet and retain some of the "signature design elements" of the first location.

nBut Washington's own style will be reflected.

n"We want it to feel indigenous to the city," Gelman said.

nA location has been selected but is still a secret for now.
Courtesy of The Wing
The Wing, which reviews and accepts members, received more than 1,000 applications within 24 hours of announcing they would open in Washington, Gelman said. She and co-founder Lauren Kassan opted to expand to D.C. because women in the city said they wanted to join.n

n"We had a ton of women in the District reaching out to us," she said. "People were really outspoken about their enthusiasm about the concept."
Courtesy of The Wing
Gelman said she and Kassan expect The Wing's D.C. location will have members from across the political spectrum, who work in an array of professional fields.

n"We always aim for a really wide cross-section of women," Gelman said.

nMembership costs $215 per month or a one-time annual payment of $2,250, which is comparable to the cost of other coworking spaces.
Courtesy of The Wing
Prospective members can expect a full calendar of activities and talks. Events scheduled this month at the New York location include a talk by former Obama White House staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco, a "patch up the patriarchy" patch-making session and a book club to discuss "The Handmaid's Tale."
Courtesy of The Wing
The D.C. branch of The Wing is set to open in November or December. The time is right, Gelman said.

n"There is something defiant about holding space for women in this moment," she said.
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