Alexandria Residents Concerned About Condo Security After Lifeguard Raped at Pool

A man who allegedly raped a lifeguard at an Alexandria, Virginia, pool is still at large, causing concern for residents who live nearby.

On Monday, a male lifeguard was on duty for the final day of swimming at the Hillwood Condominiums and Alexandria police provided an added layer of security nearby.

A woman working as a lifeguard at the pool told police a man raped her at gunpoint on Saturday afternoon.

Resident Lisa Siglar said she was out shopping Saturday when her neighbor's began to text her.

"When I came home, one of my neighbors told me the lifeguard was raped and it was just pretty sad and scary at the same time," Siglar said.

According to residents, the victim is a young woman from Bulgaria who had recently started working at the pool on a fill-in basis.

"I really feel for her and her family and what she's going through," Siglar said.

Other residents told News4 that they are already changing their routines after learning about the attack.

"A lot of times I like visiting the back trails with the dogs so, it's like, I can't do that now. I kind of have to stay in the open so people can see me," said Brianna Wyatt, a resident at Hillwood Condominiums.

While residents said Hillwood has been very safe for the most part, they said they do see a fair amount of people who cut through the open gates.

For Wyatt and Siglar, the biggest concern is that the main building's entrance and the pool house are unlocked with no key card system in place.

"Hopefully one of the things they can do next summer is get more secure door system so we have to scan a key card to get in so random people can't just walk in there and do violent acts," Siglar said.

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