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Alexandria Recognizes Indigenous Peoples Day

In Alexandria, the second Monday in October isn't just Columbus Day

The Alexandria City Council has voted to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Virginia city will recognize it on the second Monday in October — which is also Columbus Day.

There's been a push in recent years to honor North America's original inhabitants, who suffered forced displacement, disease, subjugation and poverty starting when European settlers followed in Christopher Columbus' footsteps to America.

More than 130 towns across the U.S. have agreed to recognize the contributions of indigenous peoples, Alexandria's city council said in a press release.

Alexandria's resolution will not affect Columbus Day as a state or federal holiday. It does encourage schools to teach and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day.

The resolution also called on sports teams to stop using indigenous peoples' likenesses as mascots.

Northern Virginia was inhabited by tribes that were allies of the Powhatan Confederacy, but they were mostly subjugated, killed or removed by the 18th century, the council said. 

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