Alexandria Police Played Big Role in Charles Severance Arrest

Police in Alexandria, Va., have not confirmed that they consider Charles Severance a person of interest or suspect in three unsolved murders in their city, but during Thursday's extradition hearing, there was plenty of testimony about their role in Severance's arrest in West Virginia on an unrelated gun charge in Loudoun County.

The clerk at the Wheeling Knight's Inn where Severance stayed the night before his arrest says the business card left for him was not from a Loudoun detective but from an Alexandria officer.

This Loudoun County detective who took the stand also confirmed as he prepared the warrant to charge Severance, Alexandria authorities coordinated with him.

In spite of testimony that Alexandria police played a strong role in Severance's arrest, the department says it hasn't changed its position on the 53-year-old, saying they don‘t use the term person of interest and don’t call people suspects until they have warrants on them.

In the wake of the extradition hearing, Alexandria police may have plenty of time to keep investigating while Severance remains in jail. His attorney’s planned appeal could keep him in West Virginia another four months or longer.


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