Alexandria High-Rise Evacuated After Power Outage as Temps Neared 100 Degrees

The building’s management told residents power should be restored by Tuesday

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Hundreds of people had to grab belongings and leave after a power outage led the Alexandria Fire Department to evacuate a high-rise building Monday morning.

With daytime temperatures expected to approach 100 degrees, the early morning loss of power meant time was of the essence in evacuating Key Towers Apartments on Tower Court in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Residents said that while it was inconvenient, they generally approved of how the building’s management handled things, which included going door-to-door to help get everyone out. 

"We can go in and get some things out, but then... they said to go find family or friends or go get a hotel. But they are going to reimburse," Stephanie, a resident, said.

Alexandria’s emergency management set up a cooling center at the Patrick Henry Recreation Center, but most decided to head to the homes of friends or relatives. 

Some headed to their air-conditioned workplaces.

"They're doing the best they can. We just don't know what exactly it is though," another resident said.

One of the reasons for the evacuation was the fact that the building’s elevators were affected by the power outage.

The building’s management told residents power should be restored by Tuesday.

It’s not clear what caused the power outage. 

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