Airline Industry Response to Lost Luggage Report

The rate of mishandled bags has actually fallen year over year. More than 99.66 percent of bags per every 1,000 passengers were handled properly this year versus 99.62 in 2014. That is largely because airlines continue to invest in technology that enables them to better move and track bags throughout a trip. In the event that something happens to a passenger's bag, customers are encouraged to contact their airline immediately.

We also encourage travelers to:

  • Make sure your luggage is labeled—both on the inside and outside with your name and contact information.
  • Take a picture of your bag, and keep on your phone. Many bags look alike, knowing exactly what yours looks like can help reconnect you in the event you and your bag are separated.
  • Always carry keys, medication, valuables (including jewelry or electronics) with you in your carry on.

MORE: Dept. of Transportation Aviation Consumer Protection

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