Aggressive Owl Attacking People on Popular Trail in Bethesda

Beware of what's flying above the Capital Crescent Trail. An aggressive owl is harassing people who use the trail in Bethesda, Maryland.

Montgomery County Parks posted a sign warning about an owl attacking people between River Road and Dorsett Avenue.

Del Wilber told News4 he was jogging when an owl clawed his head while he was running about 7 p.m. Monday. 

"I felt like something hit me from behind, like a bottle or a big stick and I fell to the ground," he said.

He felt that he was bleeding a little and looked up to see a big bird in a tree. Moments later, he saw the owl swoop onto a woman who was jogging.

The offending bird is probably a young owl mistaking reflectors on bikes and ponytails for prey, wildlife officials said. Wildlife officials said you should tuck your ponytail in a hat or make noise on the trail to scare the bird.

Of course, the owl inspired someone to create a Twitter account. You can follow it @moco_owl.

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