After 6 Months, Animal Shelter Hopes Black Cat's Luck Will Change

"There's no reason no one shouldn't want him"

Update: Good news! The Humane Society of Warren County says Cassidy was adopted Aug. 3.


A black cat named Cassidy has called the Humane Society of Warren County home for a whopping six months, but the shelter is hopeful his luck will change — despite many people's superstitions about black cats.

The 5-year-old black cat arrived at the shelter in Front Royal, Virginia, on Feb. 11 as a stray. Tiffany Rothgeb, a caregiver there, said someone found the cat in their neighborhood.

At nearly six months, Rothgeb says Cassidy has been at the shelter longer than most. 

"He's overlooked, I would say, but he's a good cat. There's no reason no one shouldn't want him," Rothgeb said. 

With glowing green eyes, Cassidy is almost completely black. A photo of him on the shelter's website reveals a few peeks of white fur. Rothgeb suspects his age and coloring could be the reason no one has adopted him yet. 


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"It's really hard to tell. He's a little older. Or maybe [it's] because he's black-and-white. A lot of the time, people don't like black cats because of the spooky thing," she said.

The shelter has an entire room full of black and black-and-white cats. 

They have nearly reached their capacity for cats and are no longer taking in strays. 

Brown cats and Siamese cats are quickest to get adopted, Rothgeb said. 

Cassidy is a sweet cat who gets along with other cats and would love to lounge around in his new owner's home. He's already neutered. 

"He's pretty sweet. He does play some, but he's just a kind of ordinary, lazy, lovable cat," Rothgeb said.

The adoption fee for a cat at the shelter is $15. 

The Humane Society of Warren County is located at 1245 Progress Drive. The shelter is open Thursday through Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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