African American History Museum to Re-Release Passes for January Through March

A new batch of timed passes for the National Museum of African American History & Culture will be released Wednesday morning after technical glitches hampered the process for would-be museum goers earlier this week.

The passes -- which will grant access for visits in January, February and March -- will become available online and via phone starting at 9 a.m.

The passes for those months should have become available Monday, but instead the online reservation system showed passes for October, November and December, all of which previously had been snapped up, the museum said in a release.

"A result, 64,000 passes have been issued for days between January and March that may not be convenient for the visitor," museum officials said in a release. The museum has sent pass holders a message asking if they want to exchange passes or return them.

A new set of passes will be available online here or via phone at 866-297-4020.

The newest Smithsonian opened Sept. 24 on the National Mall. It has been using a timed pass system to control crowding. All passes are free, but visitors are required to have them, and they've been getting snapped up quickly.

The museum has been releasing passes in batches for the coming months.

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