Adam Tuss Bikes to Work. (So Can You.)

Friday is Bike to Work day -- when cyclists all over the greater Washington area celebrate a heart-healthy (and sometimes, less-frustrating) commute. 

To get ready, News4 transportation reporter Adam Tuss biked to work a little early. He biked from the West Falls Church Metro station to News4 studios on Nebraska Avenue -- a trip that showed him how beautiful the commute can be (and how steep Foxhall Road is).

He also tweeted -- during breaks -- along the ride. 

For more information on Bike to Work day, click here. Remember, you can participate even if you don't have a bike, by renting a D.C. Bike Share bike.

And here are two pro tips for bike commuters:

Loading your bike onto a bus: Squeeze or pull the handle of the bike rack, then load your bike front tire first. Lock down the rack and you are good to go.

Proper signaling: An outstretched hand in the direction you are turning is a good signal. Make sure to look behind you to make sure no cars are coming.

Metrorail: Yes, you can take a bike onto Metro trains -- as long as it's not rush hour.

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