Black Lives Matter Plaza

Activists Call for President Trump to Be Removed from Office

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At Black Lives Matter Plaza, activists called Saturday for President Trump to be removed from office, just days after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

“Every day Trump remains in power, he poses a catastrophic danger to humanity. And what is more, he must be decisively repudiated, impeached and convicted, which would mean he would never come back into elected office,” one activist, Jamel Mims, said to a crowd through a megaphone. 

The head of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church joined those who called for the President to leave office, speaking out for the first time since the Church filed suit against the Proud Boys and its leader for allegedly destroying its Black Lives Matter sign last month.

“Anyone who saw what happened on Wednesday, the impunity with which those insurrectionists took over the Capitol -- there can be no question that White supremacy is one of the foundations of this nation,” Rev. William Iamar IV said. 

On Wednesday, Trump-supporting rioters broke into the Capitol, destroying property and forcing members of Congress to leave their chambers as they were confirming Joe Biden as the next president. 

One rioter was shot and killed by police, and a U.S. Capitol police officer died after suffering injuries defending the seat of democracy. 

“Those people who stormed the Capitol building are the political descendants of the white mobs that attacked civil rights marchers,” Carl Dix, of the Revolutionary Communist Party, said. 

City leaders had asked people to stay out of downtown during the Trump demonstrations. The group demonstrating Saturday said people needed to return to the streets and continue protesting in the days leading up to the inauguration.

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