Accessibility Equipment Company Fails to Deliver for Several Paid Customers

After NBC4 Responds reported on a company that failed to deliver a stairlift for a man before his death, four more people have reported the company repeatedly missed deadlines after they paid thousands of dollars for ramps, medical chairs and other equipment.

Lola Lee said she’s still waiting for a $4,500 ramp she and her son ordered four months ago.

Fred Franklin said he paid $1,200 for a special chair to help lift him up, but he hasn’t received it.

“I still thought sooner or later that he can produce the chair,” Franklin said.

Amputee Bob Flanders spent $3,500 for a stairlift that he said was never delivered.

Judy Rolfe said she paid $3,200 for her stairlift and hasn’t received it.

Customers said the owner of Access Mobility Equipment in Fredericksburg, Virginia, promised refunds, but some of those promises haven’t been met.

“He constantly kept giving me dates, and the dates were getting further and further apart,” said Willie Lee, Lola Lee’s son.

The ramp they ordered would have meant freedom for Lola Lee.

“I can’t do anything that I want to do,” she said.

After leaving Access Mobility owner Jim Clore numerous messages, he provided NBC4 Responds a statement saying, “Affected customers have been contacted and have agreed to a repayment plan that will be completed."

He also said he hired a consulting firm to help coordinate the process.

Franklin received a full refund March 8.

Rolfe received 50 percent of her refund and will get the rest in April.

Flanders was promised half of his refund this week but said so far he’s only received $250. He's still out $3,260.

Lola Lee got $1,750 and is still waiting on $2,750.

Her son is heartbroken.

“That’s my mom, and you can do things to me that I may let you get away with, but that's my mom,” he said.

This week, a few customers said the consulting firm Clore hired dropped him as a client.

NBC4 Responds will continue to follow this story.

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