‘Absolutely Horrifying': Robbers in Columbia Heights Hold Man at Gunpoint, Threaten Dog

A man says he was robbed at gunpoint and his dog was threatened by three armed robbers in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in D.C.

"Honestly, it was absolutely horrifying," the victim said.

He was walking with his dog, Lola, on Holmead Place about 10 p.m. Sunday. Three men walked up to him, holding a gun and demanding he empty his pockets. The victim tells News4 he decided to comply.

"Not so much scared right then, but immediately thought, OK, gonna stay calm, cooperate," he remembered.

He says he gave the robbers his phone. He says the robbers grabbed Lola's leash and threatened to kill the dog.

Then, he says the robbers wanted to follow him home.

One of the robbers said, "Where do you live? We're going to your house," according to the victim.

The three men followed their victim back toward his house, but sirens sounded nearby and two of the men ran away.

The third stayed, the robbery victim said, holding his gun. Eventually, the victim got away.

"I just hope they catch them as soon as possible," the victim said.

D.C. police are investigating to see if these men are responsible for three other armed robberies over five hours Sunday night and Monday morning in the same area.

Three people robbed a man on the 3600 block of 14th Street NW. According to the police report, he resisted and they punched him in the face, cut him on the lip with a knife and stole his wallet.

On the 1600 block of Irving Street, three men robbed a man at gunpoint and knifepoint. He screamed, and they got away with an iPhone charger.

Detectives ask anyone with information to call D.C. police.

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