A Patriarch of Salvadoran Sports: DC United Spanish Broadcaster Dies of Cancer

Carlos Alberto "Escopeta" Osorio
Patricia Valderde

Renowned sports announcer Carlos Alberto "Escopeta" Osorio, one of the most important Spanish voices of professional soccer club D.C. United, died on Oct. 22 after a tough battle with cancer.

"Escopeta" Osorio arrived to the D.C.-area from El Salvador and worked twenty years in Spanish radio where he most notably broadcasted D.C. United games. He was currently the sports director for Radio America 900 AM.

Throughout his career, "Escopeta" Osorio narrated 10 World Cups and won two Golden Mike Awards among other awards and achievements.

“I believe that he is the last of the great patriarchs of Salvadoran sports. I believe his name and his memory will last for many years,” Salvadoran journalist Mario Sol said.

"Escopeta" Osorio’s career began more than 50 years ago in El Salvador. When he first arrived to the United States, "Ecopeta" Osorio said he felt lonely and planned to return to his home country as he missed his children and his family.

"But as time went by, I started finding a similar environment, even though I way away from my family," he said. "A friendly environment."

"Escopeta" Osorio gained the admiration and respect of thousands of Salvadorans. Among them, Efrain Merino, a close friend and colleague.

"What more can I say, just that I feel lucky to have shared moments with Carlos," Merino said. "Wherever he may be, I hope he knows that we love him."

Osorio fought a five-year battle with prostate cancer. Telemundo 44 talked to Osorio's family who said his health started to deteriorate during the last three weeks of his life.

Osorio wasn't able to see some of his children, who lived in El Salvador, before he died. However, his eldest daughter was able to arrive to the United States before he died.

"It was as if he was waiting for her," said Alejandro Carrasco, a friend. "He died the day after she arrived."

Geraldo Sanchez, a friend and colleague, remembered the last conversation he had with Osorio.

"He told me to remember him as he was, a happy man," Sanchez said.

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