A $2.6 Mil Condo for Caps Owner

Thanks, Professional Sports!

Washington Caps money must go far, because the owner of the D.C. hockey team has purchased a $2.6-million condo in an upscale building in Georgetown.

Ted Leonsis and his wife Lynn are the proud new owners of a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom pad. Wait a sec, $2.6 mil for only two bedrooms? You know this place is somewhere you'd wear your fancy pants to.

Sure, it's a mere 2,750 square feet, but somehow they've managed to squeeze in a double dressing room, a library, butler's pantry with its own sink, and separate dining and breakfast rooms.

In other words, the floor plan looks like a game of Clue.

There's also something called a "powder room." (What kind of powder? Is Marion Barry hiding in there?)

Located on Prospect St. N.W., the 1880s-era Wormley School has been renovated and turned into seven condos and six townhouses, reports the Washington Business Journal.

We're not sure whether to begrudge him this swanky purchase. Sure, there's a recession going on, but Leonsis owns our beloved Caps, and he's a notable philanthropist.

Plus, the guy survived a plane crash and made a list of 101 things to do before he dies -- and he's doing them. So maybe owning a really sweet condo was on the list.

Leonsis is probably thanking his lucky stars he got out of AOL in 2006. Could you imagine him trying to pay for this place in "1,000 FREE Hours of AOL" CDs?

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