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Child Abuse Charges in Woodbridge

Police charged Melissa Black and Daniel Black after an investigation revealed truth behind the allegations



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    Police charged two Woodbridge residents with child abuse after an investigation revealed the underage victim was struck multiple times with a belt.

    The child abuse allegations reported to have occurred in the 12300 block of Wadsworth in Woodbridge on April 7.

    Police investigation revealed that Daniel Black, a known family member of the victim, allegedly struck the 13-year-old boy with a belt to his back, head, face, neck and arms.

    According to police, Daniel Black tied the victim to a chair and then to a stair handrail with an electrical cord and rope. The victim sustained heavy bruising and lacerations.

    Police say Melissa Black, who was charged with child abuse, allegedly knew about the abuse but didn’t report it to authorities.

    After a search warrant was issued, police found items in Daniel Black’s residence supporting the allegations.

    Court dates for both accusers are currently unavailable. Both Daniel and Melissa Black were held without bond.