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Woman Stabbed in Fight in Chinatown

Two Women Stabbed Each Other



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    If you happened to be in the vicinity of the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station at about 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, you may have seen the commotion. 

    Two women got into a fight on the sidewalk outside the station.  One thing led to another and the women stabbed each other. The area was full of commuters, office workers and people out on their lunch break.

    Metro Transit Police, Metropolitan Police and D.C. Fire and Rescue quickly went to the scene as did a News4 crew that happened to be in the area.

    Police told News4 that  the stabbing was the result of some sort of altercation. They didn't say what the two were fighting about. The stabbing did not happen at the station, police added.

    Firefighters rushed one woman to the hospital with a stab wound to her shoulder.

    The second woman was handcuffed at the scene and taken away as people looked on or generally went about their business.

    Metro Transit Police is investigating the incident.