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Bitten! A Neighborhood In Fear of Loose Dog

Police looking for rampaging Rottweiler



    Bitten! A Neighborhood In Fear of Loose Dog
    Associated Press
    A Rottweiler attacked a woman and severely injured her dog Sunday afternoon.

    Police in Spotsylvania County, Va., are looking for a stray Rottweiler that attacked a 60-year-old woman and her pet.

    The attack happened near the Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg Sunday afternoon while the woman was walking her Labrador, investigators said.

    The woman was bitten multiple times. She broke her shinbone and a finger as she desperately struggled to protect her dog.

    The Labrador was so severely injured that it had to be euthanized.

    Loose Dog Attacks Woman, Labrador

    [DC] Loose Dog Attacks Woman, Labrador
    The Spotsylvania County sheriff is warning residents about a rottweiler that attacked a woman and her dog in Fredericksburg.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2009)

    Police notified neighbors about the dangerous dog through the reverse-911 system.

    Tuesday night, people walking dogs were carrying sticks and baseball bats for protection.

    An animal control officer is patrolling the neighborhood and going door-to-door, looking for information about the Rottweiler.

    Anyone who sees the dog should call 911, police said.