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Who Says the Camera Never Lies?

Maryland woman's story could help get you out of a speeding ticket



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    Have you been busted by a speed camera in Maryland? Before you write a check to the state, check out Peggy Lucero’s story. It may help you get out of that ticket free of charge.

    Lucero received in the mail that lovely letter, telling her she owed $40 for speeding in Gaithersburg. But the Bethesda woman was ready for a fight, according to the Washington Examiner.

    She discovered that the camera that nabbed her hadn’t been tested to make sure it was working properly on the day she was ticketed. Maryland law requires police to check all cameras every day.

    Lucero wasn’t done there. She also requested a speed study of the stretch of Route 355 where she was busted. It turns out the road hadn’t been surveyed for an appropriate speed limit in five years. Engineers then recommended the speed limit be increased 10 mph, claiming the low limit was actually more dangerous.

    The City of Gaithersburg disagreed with the assessment, but it didn’t matter. Lucero came to court with logs from the camera that busted her as well as the speed study. She left the court victorious -- and with her $40.