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Who Is Your Education "Superman?"



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    During this weeklong look at our country's Education Nation, many people are looking for a hero, or perhaps they're "Waiting for Superman" to appear.

    All of which got us thinking. Who is your education "Superman" -- either someone you looked up to as a child in school or someone you see doing good things for the next generation.

    For Ede Jermin, our planning manager at NBC Washington, the answer was Mr. Sellers.

    "When I first came back to the United States from Panama, I had a hard time fitting in at school," she said. "I was placed in a less academically challenging class because my English was poor, I was restless and a troublemaker.

    "In Math class, however, none of that mattered because one plus one will always equal two. Mr. Sellers noticed it wasn't that I did not understand as much as I just needed help in reading and improving my English. Outside of class he took the time to help me. He even updated my parents regularly so they, too, could understand and participate. Funny thing, today I still use some of his tips when I am having difficulties. My path could have gone in a completely different direction had it not been for my Superman, Mr. Sellers."

    So who was -- or still is -- your Superman? Give credit to those who deserve it by posting your comments below.

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