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White House Garden To Feed City During Recession

Will these Obamas ever learn?



    White House Garden To Feed City During Recession
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    John McCain has been hired to protect the garden.

    It is well known that the Obama family has an affinity for vegetables, the natural foodstuffs from France.

    While most Americans cannot afford things that grow from the fancy-pants ground, the Obamas are relatively rich and refuse to eat "Real American" food like hamburgers and high-fructose corn syrup. (Granted corn syrup is derived from the vegetable "corn," but the Corporates by and large take care of this process, not you and me.)

    So it should come as no surprise to learn that Mrs. Barack Obama, Michelle, has decided to create a large "garden," where vegetables are grown in clusters, on the White House South Lawn.

    Welcome to Socialism, America:

    The 1,100 square foot garden will include 55 kinds of vegetables, including peppers, spinach, and, yes, arugula. (The list of vegetables is a wishlist put together by White House chefs.) There will also be berries, herbs and two hives for honey that will be tended by a White House carpenter who is also a beekeeper.


    Michelle Obama will be holding a groundbreaking ceremony for the new liberal thing on Friday with a bunch of local elementary school students, who supposedly care about such things.

    It gets worse:

    The White House will be using organic seedlings, as well as organic fertilizers and organic insect repellents. The garden will be located near the tennis courts and visible to passerbys on the street. The whole Obama family will be involved in tending the garden...

    Fat people everywhere are expected to hold a Teabagging Party to protest this cowardly move.

    Jim Newell lobbies against gardens for Wonkette and IvyGate.