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Where Are the Cheapest Gas Stations in the Area?



    Gas prices throughout the Metro area are down and could continue to fall. (Published Thursday, June 3, 2010)

    Drivers are taking advantage of an unusual summer fall in gas prices.

    "It’s lovely compared to what it used to be,” said Orlando Dunn. “Especially since I have a big truck. I’m spending like $4 less to fill it up. I’m happy with that.”
    AAA Mid-Atlantic has been tracking the price of gas in the area and said that over the past 30 days, gas has dropped 14 cents in the Metro area, with the biggest drop being 21 cents in Virginia.
    "Gas prices are impacted by what’s happening internationally,” said John Townsend, with AAA Mid-Atlantic. “The situation in Greece, and the situation in Europe, and what’s happening with the Euro has taken some of the wind out of the sail.”
    Today in the District, we found gas at $2.85, right around the average for DC. But by shopping around we also found $2.73 at the Sunoco station on 15th and U streets NW. Pay in cash and the price drops another 5 cents. Once you leave the District and head past Silver Spring and into Beltsville, the price falls to $2.52 per gallon.
    "I pretty much know the prices out in Laurel, I live in Hyatsville, and they’re a couple pennies more,” said Genevieve Henry. “I’m out [in Laurel] most of the time, so that’s where I get my gas.”
    The cheapest we found anywhere was $2.34 at the BP station on Rt. 1 and Southard Drive. But there's a catch, you have to buy a car wash for $6.
    So did drivers get the car wash?
    “My car's too dirty, I don’t need one,” said Woody Cheh.
    But other drivers are cashing in on the deal while it lasts.
    If you’ve found a cheap gas price in your area take a picture and send it to us at ISEE@NBCWASHINGTON.COM.  Make sure to include your name and the location of the gas station.