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When A Brita Filter Just Won't Do

Changes to area tap water could help prevent a terrorist attack



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    Tim Graham

    You may soon be helping fight the war on terror just by turning on your faucet.

    The Army Corps of Engineers is changing a disinfectant in the drinking water for nearly a million people in our area.  The current disinfectant is chlorine gas, which can be deadly if released into the air. You can imagine what would happen if it wound up in the hands of terrorists.

    The Corps of Engineers said the new disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite, is just as effective and is safer to transport and store, according to the Examiner.

    About a million residents in Washington, Arlington and Falls Church will get the new disinfectant.

    The change will begin next month. You shouldn’t notice any difference in the way your tap water tastes or smells, according to the Corps of Engineers.