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Summer Tech Tricks of the Trade

Save your gadgets from being affected by the sun, sand and surf



    Summer Tech Tricks of the Trade

    Liz Crenshaw and Best Buy's Geek Squad help show ways to prevent and salvage your tech gadgets from the sun, surf and sand. (Published Monday, May 14, 2012)

    There's a lot to worry about when taking your gadgets on a vacation. Lots of elements can affect your phones, tablets and e-readers, whether it's the sun, sand or surf.

    To protect your electronics, start by packing them in a zippered bag. It adds an extra layer of protection between your device and any water or sand. Next, buy a waterproof phone case if you are worried about it getting wet. Lots of cases will still let you access different features of your phone, and having that added protection might make you more comfortable at the beach or the pool.

    Another trick to protecting your device is to get a screen protector. It will help prevent sand from scratching the screen, and some also have anti-glare features.

    If you forgo the waterproof case and your gadget does end up taking a tumble in some water, remove the battery if you can. Then, stick your device in a container with uncooked rice, which will help absorb the moisture. Avoid using heat sources like hair dryers to dry it out, as it could accidentally fry the device.

    If your device ends up in the sand, use a bulb syringe or something similar to blow out any sand particles in the crevices of your gadget. Do not use compressed air, which is too high-powered and can damage your device internally.