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Welcome to Foodies D.C.!



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    Eun Yang, host of Foodies D.C.

    Welcome to Foodies D.C., where we're talking about the food we love to eat in Washington!

    Hosted by News4 anchor and Foodies D.C. host Eun Yang, we'll cover the latest in D.C. cuisine, from the food we grow in our gardens and cook in our kitchens to the food we buy from the city's food boutiques to the latest trends in D.C. restaurants.

    Food is having a moment in our fair city. In February, Food and Wine magazine recently named the city the nation's next food capital, while the passion of the recent debate over where food trucks can sell their goodies shows that challenging new ideas can happen anywhere, no matter the cost of the check.

    More and more interesting small restaurants are opening and bringing new cuisine to metro residents, while well-known D.C.-based chefs continue to innovate.

    So please come back often to get the latest on this vibrant scene from Eun -- and to hear what we have coming up on our Foodies D.C. show, which airs on Cozi!