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Infidelity Web Site Struggles to Advertise in DC

Site says it's OK to cheat



    Infidelity Web Site Struggles to Advertise in DC

    Promoters of an online dating service which encourages infidelity among married people is having a hard time getting advertising in the DC area. is the Web site with the upscale name for what some believe to be a down market subject -- cheating on your spouse.

    It says it's had trouble buying ad space in DC and elsewhere. And it tried to advertise at the Redskins game outside Fedex field Sunday but was turned away. Not because its billboard on wheels -- which read "Have an Affair, Anywhere" -- was thought by many to be an inappropriate subject for the family venue, but because the 6,000 gallon empty oil tanker which carried the advertising banner was considered a security risk.

    Ray Dira, a company spokesman, said the driver didn't have a chance.

    "D.C.'s been a tricky city. He was quickly, quickly escorted out of Washington DC by secret service," Dira said.

    So Redskins fans at Fedex Field never did get to see the advertising, but their reactions were not exactly mixed when told about it.

    "To me it's the work of the devil because it's evil to have affairs with people outside of your marriage," one man said.

    "That's ridiculous! This is a family venue," was a woman's reaction.

    "If they can live with themselves and sleep at night then who am I to judge them?" another woman asked.

    The company said it's now the third fastest growing dating site in the country and that Washington, D.C. is one of its fastest growing cities for online membership.

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