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Harbour Closed After Georgetown Flooding

Water is still being drained from buildings on the Georgetown waterfront



    Georgetown Flooding Could Have Been Prevented: Architect

    The architect of Washington Harbour says Monday's flooding could have been prevented. (Published Tuesday, April 19, 2011)

    On Tuesday morning, muddy sludge stained the boardwalk of the Washington Harbour in Georgetown and large hoses were funneling out millions of gallons of water from buildings as clean-up continued.

    The owner of Washington Harbour hired more than 100 workers to clean up the mess, and all water was pumped out of the lower plaza and parking level one Tuesday morning. Parking level two remained closed

    Some businesses experienced 10 to 12 feet of flooding in basements and on first floors after the Potomac overran its banks yesterday.

    The Harbour is usually protected by a flood wall, but for unexplained reasons it was not up on Sunday, even though the Potomac was 3 feet above flood level.  

    Cleaning Up, Drying Out in Georgetown

    [DC] Cleaning Up, Drying Out in Georgetown
    News4's John Schriffen looks at how businesses along the Georgetown waterfront are coping, after the Potomac River left most of the area completely underwater Monday morning.
    (Published Tuesday, April 19, 2011)

    According to a spokesman with D.C. Fire and EMS, it is the property owner's responsibility to put the wall up when flooding is expected.

    Several buildings were evacuated due to the high water.

    Some restaurant owners are still hoping to do some business this Easter weekend, but as it stands, the entire Washington Harbour is without power and water is still being pumped out of buildings.

    Viewer Video of Georgetown Flooding

    [DC] Viewer Video of Georgetown Flooding
    Vid Mohan-Ram sent this video of flooding in Georgetown.
    (Published Monday, April 18, 2011)

    Much of the clean-up cannot begin until the water is gone.