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Stay Out of the Potomac River Gorge!

Park Service releases multi-lingual psa to try to save lives



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    Swimming and boating season this year is prompting a warning from the National Park Service: Stay out of the water at the Potomac River Gorge.

    The Park Service is “reaching” out by “speaking” out in three different languages. It’s releasing a public service announcement in three languages hoping to reach more people who might be inclined to risk their lives, unintentionally, of course.

    Last year, six people drowned in the gorge. All of them were non-native English-speakers. Four were native Spanish speakers, two spoke Vietnamese. The PSAs will be available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

    Now, as we enter the warmer more active season, many people want to fish and some try to cool off in the river. However, the Park Service is reminding residents and visitors alike that just getting into the river is illegal, let alone swimming in it. You could face a fine and a court appearance.

    All of that aside, it’s just a really wise thing to respect the power and danger of the river, while appreciating its beauty and bounty.