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Virginia’s Mowing Budget Gets Mowed

VDOT needs volunteers to help cut grass



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    Virginia needs your basic lawn care skills.

    Due to budget reductions, the commonwealth's Department of Transportation is looking for residents to help keep the grass cut along state roads.

    Nearly half of VDOT’s annual mowing budget was cut. Right now, grass along low-volume primary and most secondary routes will be mowed no more than twice. The lawn mower will visit unpaved routes and subdivision streets once unless the tall grass presents a safety issue.

    But the grass is somewhat greener on the other side; now the department is expanding its Adopt-A-Highway effort to include a grass-cutting program. 

    Yes, this means you can finally live out that dream of cutting grass for the state -- for free!  Joy!

    That's right, volunteers can work their muscles pushing mowers. But VDOT will continue to mow interstates and busy secondary roads for safety reasons.

    But don't think you can just hop on the old John Deere and start a-cuttin'.  You'll need a permit for that, kind sir.  You can get one here.