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Virginia on Speed

A measure to raise speed limits is gaining momentum



    Virginia on Speed

    Ever think you could make it to that appointment on time, if only you could go a little faster?

    If you live in Virginia, you may be in luck.

    New legislation is heading to Gov. Bob McDonnell's desk that would raise speed limits on certain highways in the state.

    Today, the House of Delegates voted, 76 - 22, to bring certain roadways from 65 mph to 70 mph.

    Earlier this month, both the House and Senate approved the measure, which the governor pushed during his campaign.

    "I thank Delegate Bill Carrico and Sen. Steve Newman for their successful advocacy of this important proposal to speed up traffic in rural and less populated sections of Virginia."

    Transportation officials are now gearing up to conduct traffic safety studies to determine where the new measure will be implemented, according to the Associated Press.

    Officials are looking to speed things up at multi-lane divided highways, high-occupancy lanes that are separated from travel lanes and certain interstates.

    "Virginia now joins 33 other states that have increased their speed limits above 65 mph, and I applaud Gov. McDonnell's leadership on this issue," Newman said.

    Delegate Bill Carrico agreed.

    "This is a common-sense reform that will make sure highway traffic moves at a more uniform speed on Virginia's highways," he said. 

    Some legislators did speak up against the measure, saying there was no need for it, but McDonnell will likely sign off on it.

    "This is an important early step towards our common goal of improving transportation in the Commonwealth."