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Virginia's (Still) For Gun Lovers

Buyback programs shot in back



    Virginia's (Still) For Gun Lovers
    Virginia could soon be in the gun-dealing business.

    RICHMOND, Va. -- Sell guns taken off the streets of Virginia back to gun dealers?  That's unpossible!

    Believe it or not, that's what a group of lawmakers in the commonwealth supports.   They want to make sure localities that hold gun buybacks would be prohibited from destroying them.

    Under a bill that has passed out of a House of Delegates committee, localities would be required to sell the firearms to licensed gun dealers. It also would require that the localities pass an ordinance in order to hold a buyback program.

    Opponents say selling the guns back to dealers would defy the whole point of the buyback program, which is to get guns off the street.

    Supporters say the guns would go to licensed dealers, who must run background checks to make sure felons, domestic abusers and the mentally ill don't get them. 

    Opponents say that's true, unless the dealers ignore those laws.  Or if a background check isn't conducted properly.  Or if a gun store is broken into.  Or ...

    Supporters say the bill could provide money for cash-strapped police departments and other agencies.

    Opponents say the money would just be used to go after gun-toting criminals, making sure the cycle continues...