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Verizon on Wi-Fi First



    Verizon began offering Wi-Fi Calling on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge last December. Recognized by RootMetrics, Verizon customers enjoy the largest, most reliable 4G LTE service, and now, when cellular is unavailable; customers of certain models are able to call using Wi-Fi.

    The service is activated on those devices at: Settings/Advanced Calling.

    Beginning next month, Wi-Fi Calling will also be available on the new Samsung S7 and S7 Edge models.

    This spring, Wi-Fi Calling will be available to owners of iPhone 6, 6S and the corresponding Plus models.

    News of Wi-Fi Calling availability for additional Apple, Android and Windows is smartphones coming soon.

    Key Features:

    • Wi-Fi Calling is part of Verizon’s Advanced Calling service
    • Advanced Calling includes HD Voice for greatly enhanced audio clarity
    • Advanced Calling includes Video Calls straight from your contacts with on/off toggle
    • Wi-Fi calls to U.S. numbers are free, even when dialing internationally
    • You can set your calling preference for Wi-Fi or cellular network at: Settings/Advanced Calling
    • When Wi-Fi Calling is activated, your calls will automatically route through Wi-Fi when cellular signal is unavailable