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New Operator, Same Story: Week of Delays for VRE

Two weeks under a new operator and old VRE issues still persist



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    It's been a long, trouble-filled week for Virginia Railway Express passengers.

    On Thursday, mechanical problems left passengers stranded at the Quantico Station and caused major delays up the line.

    On Monday, the new express train service began from Fredericksburg, Va., and signal delays caused the 5:05 a.m. train to be an hour late arriving at Union Station. There were so many people waiting to board in Woodbridge that day that about 100 passengers were left behind on the platform, according to VRE officials.

    On Tuesday, there were also delays for Manassas Line riders.

    This all comes two weeks after Amtrak ended its 18-year run of VRE. Keolis Rail Services of America is the new operator. It's part of a French transportation company. This will be its first transportation contract in America.

    The company was promising a smooth transition with better customer service. So far it's been anything but, riders said. While some passengers expressed frustration at the Woodbridge Station, most said they understood that the new company needed to time adjust.