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Greenbelt Issuing Refunds for 660 Speed Camera Tickets



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    If you've gotten caught by a speed camera in Greenbelt, Md., you may be off the hook.

    Greenbelt police told The Gazette that the city is voiding more than 660 tickets, and drivers are being reimbursed more than $26,000 after it discovered that some of its speed cameras were not properly calibrated.

    Cameras on Hanover Parkway and Cherrywood Lane were not properly certified for about a month each. The Hanover camera was invalid from Dec. 27 to Jan. 27. The Cherrywood camera was invalid from Jan. 19 to Feb. 19.

    Maryland law requires the radar calibration on each camera be certified as accurate.

    According to a news release, unpaid tickets will be voided and any Motor Vehicle Administration records will be cleared. Since the police department does not directly collect speed cameras fines, refunds will be issued by the Brekford Corporation, the company that maintains and calibrates the cameras.

    The city is also requesting nearly $16,000 in lost revenue from Brekford.

    All cameras in Greenbelt are now current on their certification.