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The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

Parade and Ceremonial Swearing-in Held January 21, 2013

Tube Socks And Wine Coolers: Odd Inauguration Souvenirs

For when pins, buttons, and T-shirts just won't do



    Tube Socks And Wine Coolers: Odd Inauguration Souvenirs

    So, you've come to D.C. for President Obama's second inauguration, and an order from your spouse/significant other/child/whoever else is ringing in your ears:

    "Don't forget to bring back something for me!"

    You can go the traditional route (pins, buttons, T-shirts, magnets), but intuition tells you that won't quite do. You need to think outside the (preferably gift-wrapped) box.

    So, without further ado, here are some of the odder inaugural souvenirs you can take home after this weekend.

    Inauguration Store Opens Downtown

    [DC] Inauguration Store Opens In D.C.
    News4's Tom Sherwood reports on the offerings at the official store for President Obama's second inauguration.
    (Published Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013)

    Ruler: Not only is it one of the cheapest gifts at the Presidential Inauguration Store (just $2.50), but the miniature portraits of Obama and his 43 predecessors gives this gift educational value.

    Tube Socks: The description from the official store says that these socks are "a fun and stylish way to commemorate the 57th Presidential Inauguration." (Just how fun and stylish is best left to the customer.)

    Motorcade Mug: Ever wanted a mug with pictures of a limousine on it? For just $25, you can finally have one. Of course, for just $5 fewer, there's the wooden limousine kids toy.

    Golf Divot Tool: Any golfer, including the President, would know the importance of replacing their divots. We admit, there are cheaper ways to do so. At $15, this divot tool is some pricey turf repair.

    Longaberger Basket:The seventh in a series dating back to 1989, this Inaugural Basket features a printed veneer reading "E Pluribus Unum." Oh, and there's an eagle-shaped knob on the lid. All that can be yours for just ... wait for it... $99.99.

    Wine Chiller: Turning away from the official inauguration store (open until January 24), we find this "sleek and attractive metal wine chiller." For those who are put off by the $29.99 price tag, congratulate yourself on waiting until the price dropped from $34.50.


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