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Trooper's Happy Days!

Badly injured pit bull makes full recovery



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    Washington Humane Society

    Trooper the survivor is now a  thriver. The sweet little pit bull that captured the hearts of animal lovers across the area is  ready for her permanent home.

    You may remember last August when Trooper was rescued after she was left for dead in a Dumptster, duct taped inside a garbage bag. She chewed her way through to poke her nose into the air and was rescued by a passerby. The nomer "Dumpster diver" doesn't do the person who saved Trooper justice. Perhaps "angel" does the job better. 

    Trooper was badly scarred, perhaps from being forced into a dog fight, and has recovered. After some tender loving care, Trooper shows a sweet and playful nature. Humans can perform the most monstrous trangressions against dogs, but they turn around in a very short amount of time with a little tender loving care.

    Trooper has made her first canine friend, the Washington Humane Society reported. Her caretakers wanted to see how Trooper would react to another dog, so they introduced her to a crated pooch. Trooper's new BFF seemed to bring Trooper a ball. Both dogs got down on their haunches, bowing to each other -- the universal doggie sign for "happy game on." 

    Behaviorists at the rehabilitation organization said Trooper is smart, playful, loving and will make some family very happy. They thanked everyone who contributed to helping Trooper get well.