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Traveling on the Fourth Comes with High Costs

The prices of traveling may make you cringe



    Gas prices and airfares are up as folks start to head out for the July 4th holiday weekend. Adam Tuss has some tips on last minute tickets. (Published Monday, June 30, 2014)

    If you're planning on getting away for the Fourth of July, get ready to dig deep into your wallet.

    More than a million Virginians are expected to leave town this Friday AAA reports, which is a new record. In Maryland, more than 800,000 residents are traveling -- that's up more than 1.5 percent. And in the D.C. area, 19,000 more people will be traveling this year compared to last.

    All of those travelers, whether they're catching a flight or filling up the tank, will have to face the cringe-worthy costs of getting out of town.

    The current average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.91 in D.C., $3.70 in Maryland and $3.48 in Virginia, according to, which is not exactly what drivers want to see this weekend.

    "Yeah four bucks -- that's just too high," said Alexandria resident David Newman. "I mean four bucks for gas?"

    You won't be catching much of a break on the metro either -- the average fare right now is $3.68.

    At the airport, there's no be rest for the weary-traveler.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, airfares increased nearly six percent from April to May -- that's the biggest one-month increase in 15 years.

    One mom headed to Tampa, Fla. says she pulls out all the stops to find the cheapest deal for her family's travels.

    "For work purposes, I have a travel agent and for personal, I do travelocity or kayak," said Mary Whipple. "I look at them all, I look at every single one because it can be really, really different."