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Torah Rescuers "Modify" Some Claims

Save A Torah asked to independently verify origins of Torahs



    Torah Rescuers "Modify" Some Claims
    Poor kid. You know he's trembling in his loafers right now. And you just know his voice will crack. Man, puberty can be rough.

    They sell Torahs to synagogues claiming they’ve been rescued from the Holocaust. But now Save A Torah Inc. has promised Maryland officials not to make those claims unless they have independent verification to prove it.

    The group signed an agreement on July 8 that said claims they made about the origins of some Torahs would be modified.

    Save A Torah was featured in a Washington Post article earlier this year. In it doubts were raised about the origins of the Torahs co-founder Rabbi Menachem Youlus claimed were from the Holocaust.

    The group released a statement on their website saying they commissioned an investigation which found “no evidence to contradict any information” told to Torah purchasers about the origins of their Torahs.