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Toddler's Fall a Reminder of Window Dangers

How to keep your children safe



    Toddler's Fall a Reminder of Window Dangers
    A boy fell from a second-story window at these Rockville townhouses.

    The fall of a 14-month-old from a second-floor townhouse window in Rockville, Md. is a reminder to parents and caregivers about the dangers of children and open windows.

    It's one of several window falls in our area in the last year. Children are attracted to open windows; and screens do not protect them.

    That's why the Consumer Product Safety Commission encourages parents to get window guards.

    All you need is a drill and screws to install one, or buy window stops.

    The CPSC reminds parents and caregivers to never put furniture such as beds or tables near a window where a child can climb up and look out.

    The CPSC says nationwide every year about 3,000 children younger than age five fall out of windows and end up in the emergency room. About seven children die every year from those falls.