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Tire-Deflating Judge Could Face More Punishment

Judge Nalley's job in jeopardy



    Tire-Deflating Judge Could Face More Punishment

    The Charles County judge whose vigilante parking justice grabbed headlines last summer may find himself out of a job.

    Judge Robert Nalley admitted to deflating a tire on a woman's car in August because she had parked in a restricted space outside the La Plata courthouse.

    Nalley was fined last fall and put on probation for six months, and now the Maryland Commission on Judicial Abilities is considering sanctions, which could include recommending suspension or removal from the bench.

    Nalley's victim -- Jean Washington, a cleaning lady at the courthouse -- admitted parking in a space near a sign that read "Restricted Parking Only" but said no one ever told her she couldn't park there. Washington's parking routine was disrupted by construction. The space where her tire was deflated is a short walk to the courthouse, and Washington said she likes to park there because she feels safer as she leaves work after dark.

    Washington had just arrived to start her shift when a sheriff's deputy warned her that Nalley was going to  deflate her tire if she didn't move her car. Two jail officers witnessed the vandalism, with one capturing it on a cell phone camera.

    Nalley has apologized for the act and said he was ashamed of his conduct.