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Ticketed During the Summit? Fahgettaboudit

DPW says tickets will be automatically voided



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    Tickets during the summit will be automatically voided.

    To make parking a little easier during this week's Nuclear Security Summit, the D.C. Department of Public Works said it would suspend street cleaning on certain bordering streets near the Convention Center. But it turns out some traffic enforcement officers didn't get the memo.

    A handful of folks still received fines for parking in a street cleaning zone. But DPW officials said for a lot of those tickets, you can forget it.

    If you got a ticket while parked on the following streets from April 12-14, you won't have to pay:

    • Northern Boundary of Florida Avenue NW
    • Southern Boundary of H Street NW
    • Eastern Boundary of 5th Street NW
    • Western Boundary of 15th Street NW

    The best part: DPW said the tickets will be voided automatically. So you can save your best angry complaint letter for another day.