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3 Sue Over Hispanic Hotel Jobs

Lawsuit alleges Hispanic bias



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    In post-racial Obamamerica, kids should have no opportunities denied to them.

    Long have little Johnny and Suzy been dispirited because their dreams of being hotel cleaners were out of reach thanks to the harsh reality that the jobs are only open to Hispanic women.

    Well, that's about to change because the government is stepping in to try to force integration of non-Hispanic cleaners into a Northern Virginia hotel.

    The lawsuit was initiated by complaints from three female employees at a Best Western hotel who said that new management made it clear that they allegedly preferred to have an exclusively Hispanic cleaning staff.

    The three women, who had each worked at the hotel for up to 15 years, said they were replaced by Hispanic women with less experience.

    So dream big, sons and daughters of non-Hispanics, you too can one day clean hotel rooms, as well.