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Third Time Not the Charm for MoCo Leadfeet

County coffers love crazy speeders



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    No matter where you go, nobody seems to like these cameras much.

    Montgomery County's government might often try to take the fun out of life, but they certainly haven't been able to throttle some speeders.

    Details of MoCo's speed camera program were released in a county report that shows that some people just can't get the lead out of their feet, as the Getting There blog details.

    From May 2007 through June 2009, more than 532,000 speeders were nabbed by MoCo's nefarious cameras. 

    The vast majority of people learned their lesson: When you see those stupid white stripes on the road and that off-white camera on the side, slam on your brakes quickly before you get a ticket. About two-thirds of the people who were nabbed by one speedtrap, never got another ticket.

    Almost 20% of drivers got nabbed a second time. And, as the cliche goes, the third time's the charm for most, with 7% becoming three-time losers.

    So about 93% of MoCo's speeders learned their lesson.

    But then there's everyone else. Just more than 1,400 people received eight tickets a piece!  Amazingly, 899 received between 11 and 15 bills in the mail. And seven speeding-addicted yahoos have received more than 30 speeding tickets.  Thirty!

    What's causing them to speed so much, even as the tickets pile up in their mailbox? Getting There speculates:

    "There is a small but very dangerous cadre of drivers who have a total contempt for speed laws combined with an arrogant belief in their invulnerability and a narcissistic focus on their own convenience at the expense of others' safety. These are people who are highly likely to eventually cause a serious crash but who fiercely resent any government efforts to curb their behavior."

    But the more important questions: Where do these yahoos work so that they can afford so many speeding tickets, and is that place hiring?