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Thief Has Particular Taste in Targets -- and Cigarettes

Man suspected of hitting same 7-Eleven 6 times



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    Take that, cigarette tax!

    A word of advice to the burgeoning thief community: The likelihood of you being caught by the police increases exponentially with each time you strike the same place and steal the same things.

    An object lesson: According to The Washington Post, a man, who doesn't even bother wearing a mask by the way, has hit the same Capitol Heights 7-Eleven six times since June. His M.O. is consistent -- he waits until the customers clear out, then hops the counter and makes off with as many packs of cigarettes as he can stuff into his white bag. He'd prefer they be Newports, but once they're all gone he'll just go with whatever.

    "But," you snicker, "he's done it six times now and they still haven't caught him. Your advice is bunk! I'm gonna rob the same Panera Bread a dozen times in the next week."

    Did I mention they now have security footage of the guy? And a description of which car he drives? Well, they do. And now police are periodically monitoring the store and employees are verying their routine in order to throw the crook off. So naturally it's only a matter of time until he's arrested.

    I hope this has been instructive and that in the future you'll be more savvy, criminals. Good day.