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They (Still) Hate Our Bags

3 airlines raise baggage fees



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    Three airlines have raised their baggage fees recently, giving you even more reason to travel by car or train -- or at the very least choose a nudist colony for your vacation destination.

    United, Delta and Continental all have raised their fees.  Experts believe other airlines could do the same.  So check the fine print often before you head out of town from any of the D.C.-area's three airports.

    United will now charge $25 to check the first bag and $35 for the second. That's $5 more than before. It takes effect on tickets bought beginning Thursday for travel after Jan. 21.

    The new fees are the same at Continental and Delta.

    Airlines discount the fees by a few dollars for travelers who pay online in advance instead of at the airport.

    An American Airlines spokesman said they have not changed their fees, but they're studying the moves by the other airlines.

    Southwest Airlines does not charge to check the first two bags.  Oh, and Southwest is the only airline of the Big 6 that is expected to make a profit in 2009, according to ABC News.