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Thefts From Cars Reported Outside Area Cemeteries



    Mourners Fall Victim to Car Break-ins at Local Cemeteries

    Several cars were broken into at two cemeteries in Suitland, Maryland., over the weekend while the car owners were mourning at funeral services. News4's Derrick Ward reports. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014)

    Prince George's County police say at least three car break-ins were reported at area cemeteries last weekend.

    The incidents were reported at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suitland, Md. and neighboring Lincoln Memorial Cemetery while mourners were attending burial ceremonies.

    "Between the two cemeteries, over the course of this weekend, we've experienced three thefts from autos," Cpl. Maria McKinney with Prince George's County police said.

    Cemetery managers have asked police to send extra crews to monitor the grounds.

    "We have stepped up our enforcement in the area," McKinney said. "For example, take your GPS off the dashboard and put it in the glove box, or taking a woman's purse and placing it either in the trunk or under the seats. A would-be criminal would not see that. Always lock your belongings."

    Police have a theory the burglars may have joined in on funeral ceremonies, and as mourners bowed their heads in prayer, the suspects may have sneaked off to the parked cars and stolen items.