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The Night Note: 09/08/2010

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    How Telehealth Technology is Revolutionizing Healthcare

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    Temple of the Jedi Display

    The county will allow religious and secular displays on a first-come, first-serve basis. It has already received applications for five displays, including one by an atheist group and one to the Temple of the Jedi, a reference to the religion in the "Star Wars" movies. The displays could start showing up on the courthouse grounds soon, near the permanent statue of a Confederate soldier. (WTOP)

    McDonnell Plan Triples Number of Liquor Licenses

    Gov. Bob McDonnell wants nearly $500 million from selling Virginia’s state-owned liquor stores to provide loans and grants for local highway congestion relief projects. In a proposal released today, McDonnell calls for up to 1,000 licenses for private retail stores compared with 332 state-run stores now. The plan reserves 600 licenses for large outlets such as grocery and discount stores. It reserves 250 for small mom-and-pop shops and another 150 for small-scale sales in pharmacies. (

    Gray, Fenty Spar over Nighttime Parking Meter Fees

    D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray said Tuesday that as mayor he would consider killing longer parking meter hours enacted just months ago by the Fenty administration. But Team Fenty said cutting back on the requirement for drivers to stuff meters in the city’s busiest night life spots could suck $6 million from the District budget.  Mayor Adrian Fenty’s administration added four hours to the time that meters must be fed in certain areas in its council-approved 2010 budget. (Washington Examiner)

    University of Baltimore to offer English Class on Zombies
    Arnold Blumberg, a lifelong enthusiast of popular culture in general and zombie films in particular, is among the first university professors to devote an entire semester to study of the reawakened dead. His course, and recent offerings at Columbia College and Georgia Tech, share a common interest in the zombie movie as expression of zeitgeist. (Washington Post)