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The Night Note: 09/07/2009

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    New Shoulder Replacement Procedure Gives the Gift of Movement

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    Terrible Traffic Tuesday?

    Kids are returning to school and families are coming back from vacation tomorrow, which all creates a recipe for gridlock on the area's roads. More than 3 million workers will return to their jobs tomorrow, along with an estimated 800,000 students in the Washington region. AAA said it is hard to tell how bad the traffic is going to be on "Terrible Traffic Tuesday."  (

    Obama School Speech Avoids Political Message

    President Barack Obama's message to the nation's schoolchildren Tuesday lacks the controversial attempts at indoctrination that some Republicans charged Obama would push on America's youth. Instead the address, made available on the White House's website Monday afternoon, challenges students to establish and meet educational goals this school year for the good of themselves and the country. (The Hill)

    Homes Sales are Up

    Home sales rose in July, but the prices of homes sold continued to be weaker, compared with a year ago. In Prince George's County, where foreclosures are rampant, home sales were up 76 percent. In July, 720 homes sold. Both the average price and the median price of homes sold declined 24 percent.  (WTOP)

    Marylanders Favor Crackdown on Drunken Driving

    It's hard to believe after witnessing the daily idiocy that pervades Maryland's roads, but there's a glimmer of hope that the state's drivers might be getting a little more serious about safety.  The hopeful signs come in a recently released study by the University of Maryland School of Public Health in College Park, which surveyed 850 licensed drivers each year between 2003 and 2009 about their driving practices, attitudes and concerns. (Baltimore Sun)

    Kaine: Most State Employees Must Take 1 Furlough Day

    Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's budget balancing plan, which he's expected to roll out tomorrow, is expected to include an unpaid day off for most Virginia government employees. Kaine told the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning that his package to close a $1.5 billion hole in Virginia's budget will require public workers to take what are widely described as furloughs. (Times-Dispatch)

    Woman Accepts Marriage Proposal, Falls Off Cliff

    A man took his girlfriend hiking Sunday afternoon on the gorgeous -- albeit rocky and rough -- Billy Goat Trail near Great Falls, Md. At some point, he popped the question. She said yes. As they continued their walk, the woman apparently slipped, fell down a rock face and was injured. Unable to easily access her any other way, emergency responders had to use a U.S. Park Police helicopter to pluck her off the path. (WashingtonPost)