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The Night Note: 08/13/2010

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    The Night Note: 08/13/2010

    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    Man With Translator Robs 7 in Stafford
    A robber entered a Stafford County home late last night armed with a gun and his own translator, police said. By the time they left, Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said, seven people had been robbed of cell phones and varying amounts of cash. According to Kennedy, the incident occurred about 10:30 p.m. in the 900 block of Anvil Road in Olde Forge subdivision in southern Stafford. A man entered the home through a back door with a woman and a handgun and ordered the residents in the downstairs area to drop to the ground. The man spoke English, while the woman relayed his demands in Spanish. (

    McDonnell Seeks Immigration Authority for State Police
    Gov. Bob McDonnell formally asked the federal government to grant Virginia State Police the power to enforce immigration laws, thrusting the state back into the center of a vigorous national debate on immigration policy. Following through on a campaign promise, McDonnell is seeking approval from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to expand the 287(g) program to the state police -- which would provide them with the training and authorization from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to identify and detain illegal immigrants. (Washington Examiner)

    Prince George's Schools to Open With New Cell Phone Policy
    Prince George's County schools will open to students Aug. 23 with a new cell phone policy, orientation program and plan to prevent the class schedule glitches that plagued the start of last school year. Last year, a computer glitch left 8,000 county students without class schedules for the first week of school. This year, schedules will be mailed and available on SchoolMAX, the school system's centralized software program for student records, possibly before the start of school, school spokeswoman Tanzi West Barbour said. (

    DC Best City for Job Seekers
    Washington is the best place for job seekers among 50 large U.S. cities in the latest ranking by career search engine, released Friday. Juju’s Job Search Difficulty Index is based on the ratio of jobless workers in a given market to job openings advertised online, which Juju compiles and lists on its website. D.C. claimed the top spot among cities this month, with 1.18 jobless workers per advertised job, followed by San Jose, Calif.; New York; Baltimore; and Hartford, Conn. (Washington Business Journal)

    Georgetown Cupcake's Sweet Success: Crowds Circle the Block for a Taste
    Behold the power of Georgetown Cupcake: One sweltering day this month, a young woman was baking in the sun on 33rd Street NW, waiting in the long queue to buy some of the bakery's signature sweets, when she fainted on the sidewalk. An ambulance rushed to the scene, but she declined to go to the hospital. Of course she did. "She didn't want to get out of line," explains the voguish bakery's co-owner Katherine Kallinis. And so grew the legend of the Georgetown Cupcake line, which forms daily at the northwest corner of 33rd and M streets and often stretches all the way to Prospect Street, clear at the other end of the block. (Washington Post)