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The Night Note: 08/11/2010

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    The Night Note: 08/11/2010

    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    Toledo Stabbing Linked To Leesburg Attacks
    Authorities have confirmed what both the Leesburg Police Department and the Michigan State Police have been investigating: a stabbing in Toledo, OH, that occurred this weekend is connected to Loudoun's three attacks and Michigan's 16 crimes, including five murders. In a press conference today, Leesburg Police Chief Joseph Price said investigators made contact with police in Ohio and had confirmed that the description of the suspect in a stabbing outside of a Toledo church around 7:45 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7, as well as the car he drove matched the suspect and vehicle in the Leesburg and Michigan cases. (Leesburg Today)
    "Cow Killer"
    They’re not completely unheard of in the area, but Chris Scott’s recent encounter with the red velvet ant was the first time he’d seen one. “I was getting into my car, and I looked down and saw this bright red thing run by my feet,” said Scott, who has lived in his house on Gateshead Lane in the Manassas area for 24 years. Scott trapped the bug, also known as a “cow killer,” beneath a paper cup and ran back into the house for a Mason jar. “The velvet ant, called the ‘cow killer,’ is native to Virginia and is found typically in sandy areas, often near rivers. They are parasites of ground-nesting bees and, as you know, can give a sting that hurts right much,” Day said of the insects that are common in the deep south and southwest. (InsideNoVa)
    More Sperm-Spreader Victims
    Detectives investigating the activities of Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. -- currently charged with squirting semen from a bottle onto two female shoppers in Montgomery County -- have found three more victims, Gaithersburg police said today. Edwards was arrested two weeks ago in connection with a July 15 case at a Giant food store, on Muddy Branch Road in Gaithersburg. That led detectives to link him to a semen-squirting case at a Michael's from last November.  (Washington Post)
    Man Accused of Mailing Nearly 700 Pounds of Pot
    Authorities say a man mailed nearly 700 pounds of marijuana to people in Virginia, Georgia and Illinois. An arrest for Sean Crawley, of Houston, was issued Tuesday. Authorities say parcels containing marijuana were intercepted by federal authorities in Virginia, according to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. Crawley allegedly mailed four packages containing 85 pounds of marijuana to Virginia, 17 parcels containing 252 pounds to Georgia and 36 parcels containing 361 pounds to Illinois, according to the affidavit. (Washington Examiner)
    Mature workers compete for internships
    Wet behind the ears does not describe every applicant seeking an internship this fall, with many employers seeing applications from experienced workers and even applicants over 50 years old. Those observations, made in an employer survey by CareerBuilder, which says the end result will be stiff competition for internships this fall. It says 23 percent of employers surveyed report they are seeing internship applications from workers with more than 10 years experience or workers age 50 or older.  (Washington Business Journal)